2017 Midwinter International Seniors Contest in San Antonio

In their years together St Croix Crossing has managed to garner some prestigious awards. The quartet's experience is evident, not only in contests, but shows as well, where they are well known for entertaining audiences in and out of their home district. Since they don't live near each other, they also represent five different chapters and four choruses: the Hilltop Chapter (Great Northern Union), the La Crosse Chapter (Coulee Chordsmen), Dunn County (Northern Lights), Greater St.Paul Area Chapter (North Star Chorus), and the Frank Thorne Chapter.

Randy Lieble, who resides in Eau Claire, WI., is the tenor of the group and inherited his love for Barbershop Harmony from his father. Randy retired from serving as a CFO for a US public company, and is filling his retirement with numerous activities including, but not limited to: hunting, fishing, biking, golfing, skiing, woodworking, lumber-jacking, swimming, scuba diving, and obedience training (the wife's idea) ...... you get the picture. Randy has bemoaned the fact that in retirement he never, ever gets a day off!
Dan Heike sings Lead with the quartet and hails from Mondovi, WI.   Dan has been involved in vocal music and barbershop for over 50 years and has always been actively involved in quarteting, directing and coaching.  He’s survived  twelve baritones, six basses, three tenors,  four choruses, 2 district championships, ten cars, eighteen sets of tires, and one wife.  (Love you Honey)   Dan spends his non barbershop time as a real estate property manager, auctioneer and dairy farmer.  He should be retired but like most dairy farmers, he had just enough money to get into the business but not enough to get out.  Along with the enjoyment of singing in his present quartet, he is proud to be able to sing with his three sons in a family foursome.

Jared Hoke sings Bass. His parents first noticed his voice very early, as he could yell louder than either of his older siblings. His grade school teachers noticed it next, which led to many “aw, isn’t he cute” solos. Next came church leaders and high school mentors (he claims that he can still sing “O Tannenbaum” in pretty good German), then college and a few years off from singing while plunking piano in a bar band. But he was made for singing, so then came over 20 years with The Minnesota Chorale, and up close and personal experiences with the Great Works, great orchestras and international stages. But even that did not fully prepare him for the best thing of all: Barbershopping, a lovely gift for one so far along in life.
Steve Hardy sings Baritone. He's been doing the top three parts in various quartets for over 45 years, singing with quartets so numerous he'd rather not start listing them for fear he might forget one or two. (A man's gotta know his limitations.) He has an ancient Bachleor of Music degree and spends much of his time arranging songs nobody has ever heard of before. He claims he's tired of hearing the same worn-out songs over and over, but others suspect he figures if you don't know the words, you won't know when he forgets them. In his early "Wild and Wooley" days, he played trumpet and sang in rock bands around the Twin Cities. Steve has been married to the same woman for 50 years, and while that's no record, he counts himself fortunate "What's-her-name" still thinks he's worth keeping around. They have two adult "children." Steve is retired and is an active member of the North Star Chorus.

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