The group thought it might be fun to show you some enlarged, color versions of the artwork parodies they've used in recent ads for the Land O' Lakes District's Pitch Piper magazine. Unfortunately, not all of them made the cut. Too bad. If you don't know some of these works, they include Leonardo DaVinci's Mona Lisa, Son Of Man by Renee Magritte, Grant Wood's American Gothic, Washington Crossing The Deleware by Emanuel Leutze, Rembrandt's Staalmeesters (used by Dutch Masters cigars), Nighthawks by Edward Hopper, Edvard Munch's The Scream (with apologies to Bernie Sanders), the cover of the 1910 Play That Barbershop Chord sheet music, and last but not least, Mount Rushmore carved by Guzton Borglum. If you have any ideas for other famous works we might have fun with, let us know. We might give it a shot. By the way, the road sign does exist!

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Mount Ringmore
2 / 10
St. Croix Crossing The Delaware
3 / 10
A St. Croix Crossing
4 / 10
Another Satisfied Customer
5 / 10
Sons Of Barbershop
6 / 10
Masters Of Entertainment
7 / 10
Night Owls
8 / 10
Milking Chords For Over A Decade
9 / 10
Play That Barbershop Chord cover
10 / 10
What!!! You didn't get St. Croix Crossing???